My theatre-making practice prioritises storytelling. I create highly visual and aesthetically driven experience-based performances, which move beyond the conventional boundaries of stage and space and actively involve audiences in the performance.

My work explores Otherness – its construction, articulation, and impact. I believe in overt theatricality, and celebrating the artifice of theatre. I make ‘full-fat’ theatre, and do not apologise for making visible the mechanics of performance. My work embraces liveness,  I am particularly interested in the integration of sound, voice, and music in performance.

I make the work that I want to see. You can view my creative portfolio here.

In 2015 I founded Tin Robot Theatre, a critically acclaimed Midlands-based theatre collective working primarily in radical adaptations of familiar text to explore the relationships between identity, pop-culture, and society. Between 2015-2017  I was an associate artist of the Old Joint Stock Theatre, Birmingham and worked extensively with the theatre to expand their programme of in house productions.