Kath is 92. 
Kath only ever wears purple. 
Kath gives out kit-kats to everyone she meets. 
Kath once threatened to kill her step-mother. 
Kath is a homophobe. 
Kath has dementia.
Kath is my Nanna. 
Kath is dead. 
Kath never knew I was queer.
As Kath started to lose herself, I started to find myself.

KATH is a solo show weaving together my Nan’s life & dementia with my life, mental health & closeted queer shame. Taking place somewhere between Kath’s living-room and the musical escapist fantasies of my mind and inspired by a childhood of performing for Kath, it uses a cabaret format with powerhouse musical numbers, lip-sync, and recorded interview to offer a platform for our unspoken conversations to play out in public. 

KATH sits at the intersection of shame and the queer experience (or at least my experience). It’s a very personal exploration of grief, the impact that childhood experiences have on our formation of self, and the healing powers of a chocolate covered wafer biscuit.

Sharing’s of Kath have been presented at Derby Theatre (July 2019) as part of the REPRESENT: Queer Artist Showcase and at The Old Joint Stock Theatre (Sept 2019).  The initial development of KATH has been supported by The Old Joint Stock Theatre and MAIA Creatives.

Alongside the performance I am creating a cabaret gig specifically devised for dementia care homes aimed at using music to support memory.