Kath is 92. 
Kath only ever wears purple. 
Kath gives out kit-kats to everyone she meets. 
Kath once threatened to kill her step-mother. 
Kath is a homophobe. 
Kath has dementia.
Kath is my Nanna. 
Kath is dead. 
Kath never knew I was queer.
As Kath started to lose herself, I started to find myself.

Grab a kit-kat and join us in the living-room for a cabaret journey through our lives. Punctuated with powerhouse musical numbers, lip-sync, recorded interview and glitter, KATH explores memory-loss, shame, and the healing powers of a chocolate covered wafer biscuit.


A first sharing of Kath will be presented July 19th, at Derby Theatre as part of the REPRESENT: Queer Artist Showcase. The development of KATH is supported by The Old Joint Stock Theatre and MAIA Creatives.