Join me, Fatt Butcher, for my Fister Act; an autobiographical musical about my inability to get past the knuckles (inspired, I know).

Fister Act, is a life-affirming queer fantasy adventure through time, space, bodies, and brains. Join intergalactic sexpot and non-binary drag icon in the making, Fatt Butcher, as we journey beyond the knuckles, battle our demons, and free ourselves from shame with the help of an enchanted bottle of poppers and the disembodied voice of Liza Minelli. 

With an original score of synth-pop electro musical theatre (think Bohemian Rhapsody in space) and kaleidoscopic visuals, Fister Act is a cult classic in the making. Oh, and it’s strictly BYOP – bring your own poppers!

Writer & Performer: Adam Carver
Director: Mark Maughan
Visuals & Animation: Ryan Bayliss
Costume: Kerfuffle Studio
Musical Arrangements: Charles Craggs
Music Production: Exit Recording

Fister Act is currently in development and has been supported by Marlborough Productions, The Nightingale Club, and my Kickstarter backers (listed in full below).

These amazing people donated to make this show a reality and I love them all: 
Aaron Wright, Adam Green, Adam Stewart, Alex Carver, Alex Precious Rata, Alex Whiteley, Alice Marriott, Alys Fowler, Andrew Ellerby, Antonia Beck, Asad Ullah, Ashley Fletcher, Brian, Caitlin Arnott, Catherine, Charlotte Bence, Cheryl Jones, Clementine Beeson, Dan Auluk, Dan Burraway, Dean Collins, Ellie, Ellis, Ema Boswood, Emma, Emma Peagam, Gareth Edward, Gianluca Floris, Harry Clayton-Wright, Jack Edwards, Jarred Drew, Jean Wilde, Jeremy Pope, Jess Dives, Jessica Singer, Jo Feeney, Joe Pascoe, Josh Young, Joshua Coley, Kate DeRight, Katie Blow, Katie Greenall, Kerry Leslie, Kim McAleese, Kirsten Peters Roebuck, Kirsty Clarke, Laura Killeen, Lily Grouse, Louise, Lucy Brawn, Marcus, Matthew Poxon, Mia Vaughan, Natalie Howard, Nicola Foxwell, Nicole, Nina Hewings, Oliver McCall, Olivia Basterfield, Paul Main, Penny Barber, Phil Douglas, Pip Gardner, Pip McKnight, Pippa, Rachel Woodham, Rebecca Phillips, Richard Haines, Roisin, Ron Herman, Ros, Rosana Cade, Sally Pennington, Sarah Ellen, Sarah Gray, Sarah Robbins, Sean Wilson, Simon Peacock, Sophie Jackson, Syrius de Goratrix, The Creative Fund, Tom Mandall, Tom Suffield, Tori Greening, Will Amott, Xavier de Sousa.