Hosted by Birmingham’s very own queen of balls and a statement earrings, Fatt Butcher, Disco Bingo is the most outrageous disco-themed bingo on the market (and probably the only one too). Disco Bingo is basically bingo, but with a better soundtrack, gorgeous faggotry, powerhouse vocals, live performances, plenty of pastry, and some unmissable prizes.

As we move back in lockdown 3.0 – Disco Bingo 3.0 rises from the ashes and is BACK IN YOUR LIVING ROOMS EACH AND EVERY WEEK.

Fatt ButcherDisco Bingo is basically bingo, but with a better soundtrack, outrageous faggotry, powerhouse vocals, and PRIZES!!! Each week there’s £50 cash up for grabs, and your chance to win your very own pair of FATT BUTCHER CUSTOM EARRINGS! OK so here’s how it works:

  • If you don’t have income/salary: it’s totally free. Just fill in the form below (Please don’t feel bad about about this, it’s totally fine & you’ll still be eligible to win the cash prizes). 
  • If you have income/salary: it’s a £5 suggested donation to play. You need to send me this before it all starts via this paypal link:


Just click the link and follow the instructions – make sure you DO NOT select ‘paying for good and services’, as Paypal will take a service charge out but they won’t if you’re just sending me money as a [pay]pal.

Do this before you complete the sign-up form below – I’ll be checking.

FYI – the first £50 raised will be used as cash prizes and all the rest will go to cover my lost income for November and December due to the re-introduction of a national lockdown (thanks Bozza).

  • Fill in the form at the bottom of this page and you’re good to go, I’ll send out all the instructions for joining each Friday (you’ll need to re-sign up each week!).
  • Fatt Butcher’s Disco Bingo will be hosted live on ZOOM (a free video chat service you’ll need to download to your computer).
  • Before the game I’ll send out virtual bingo cards in a joining email, all you have to do is click the number on your screen and it marks them off (it’s dead clever). We play 2 games of bingo, 1 round of DISCO DISCO BINGO BINGO, and one lucky contestant will get to join me in Fatt Butcher’s Dark room to win a very special prize. 

And that’s it, glittery dress code strongly encouraged – any questions just get in touch. 

Sign up closes each Fridat at 7pm. Oh and you gotta be over 18 babes, soz.


  • I email out the instructions for each week’s game at 7pm on Friday evening, if you’ve not heard anything by 7:15 – get in touch.
  • add my email adam[@]adamgcarver.com to your safe senders list to stop it going to junk.
  • if you’ve played before you need to fill in the form below each week that you play.

DISCO BINGO BONANZA happens in real life (lockdown allowing, at the Nightingale Club, Birmingham) – as soon as we can be back in person, we bloody will be.

Fatt Butcher’s Disco Bingo is available digitally (either as private bookings or through online public games) and in real life. I am getting ready for Christmas Disco Bingos too – if you’re interested in a private booking get in touch through the CONTACT page.