Disco Tea Party

Disco Tea Party is an interactive cabaret gameshow. Combining classic camp television gameshows, with drag, queer cabaret, and social dancing to bring communities together, get together each other better, and transforms indoor and outdoor settings into big celebratory discos.

Disco Tea Party performance highlights.

Audiences are invited to sit a golden tables, where they are split into teams, and compete against each other (because nothing brings people together like competition) in games including competitive cake decorating, disco bingo, and the generation game. Winners receive suitably naff prizes, and audiences are served a mini afternoon tea by a team of community volunteer disco dinner ladies(of all genders).  Whilst eating audiences are entertained by performances from some of the UK’s leading queer cabaret artists. The whole performance ends with audiences up on their feet dancing to a live disco set from the artists.

It’s Hi-di-Hi meets boogie nights meets phoenix nights.

In a period of rising tensions and increased social isolation – Disco Tea Party seeks to bring about a moment of unity, togetherness, and celebration whilst subtly challenging perceptions of queer people and provided much needed representation.

Disco Tea Party has been commissioned by Home Live Art and Offsite and has been funded by Arts Council, England. An early version of the project was commissioned by Bearwood Street Festival in 2019.

Sound Design – Charles Craggs. 
Costume Design – Bourgeoisie
Production Design – Sam Wyer
Company – Adam Carver, Alanna Boden, Mathew ‘Blanche’ Stephens, Jess Barber.