Self-appointed queen of the sausage roll, intergalactic sex-pot, and non-binary icon in the making. Fatt Butcher is Birmingham’s queen of disco and amyl nitrate.

The illegitimate love child of Elton John and Pam St. Clements, Fatt’s work has been described as ‘Spine-tingling… an incredible vocal powerhouse’ (West End Best Friend), ‘full of wonders’ (The Times) and ‘the accelerating decline of humanity’ (Trolls of twitter).

Fat positive, bringer of queer joy, incredibly attractive, yet very modest – Fatt is a host, vocalist, and cabaret performer. She is the host of Fatt Butcher’s Disco Bingo (currently resident at the Nightingale Club, Birmingham), Disco Tea Party, and the Big Gay Disco Bike.

Some examples of digital performance work and images below.

Fatt Butcher presents A 2021 Sea Shanty
The 12 Days of Clonezone – A Disco Christmas Classic
Whole Again – Birmingham Pride 2020
Believe, A Kentucky Fried Anthem – Mother’s Meeting Digital Drag Show, May 2020
Fatt Butcher’s Disco Bingo Promo Reel
Rise Like A Phoenix – Flatpack Festival 2020