Hiya. I’m a midlands based theatre maker and creative producer. I create projects which use performance to think about queerness, community, and making change. I’m interested in asking questions, art that celebrates, and making spaces that empower people.

I make full-fat performance work that happens outside of the conventional boundaries of theatre spaces, in a high camp aesthetic that you have to actively choose to ignore. My work embraces liveness, I’m on a mission to celebrate low-culture and camp and to use them as weapons to disrupt normatively – expect power ballads, gameshows, politics, glitter.

I’m the producer and programmer for SHOUT Festival of Queer Arts and Culture, Birmingham. I believe in the re-prioritisation of midlands perspectives within national queer discourse and decentralisation of queer narratives. I am in the process of rediscovering my Birmingham accent, and fervently support the use of the word BAB.

My research interests include deconstructing camp, the phenomenologies of queer fandom, queer identification in musical theatre, and regional perspectives within queerness.